The Issues


When it comes to education, Ingrid wants to make sure that our children are well prepared to compete in the new world economy.  Like you, she is worried about all the time our kids missed this past spring.  She will support more investments in our children while encouraging more parental involvement, because parents and teachers know better than government bureaucrats.  Her initiatives include:

  • Curriculum should be based on promoting a comprehensive understanding of language, social studies, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math). The standard test scores will then become simple measures of that understanding.

  • Incentivizing school systems and teachers to educate our children based on more objective criteria, such as test scores and college admissions.

  • Encouraging our school systems to spend their budgets efficiently and constructively, towards improving education, rather than real estate.


Ingrid was raised by a single mother and she is very sensitive to both the quality and cost of education available to our children and she wants to make the highest quality education available at the lowest possible cost to every family and child, to help them reach their full potential later in life.

Require Transparency at all levels of government in Massachusetts  

The current State House is not a representation of the people.  It is time to return the House of Representatives back to the people and away from the professional politician.  Ingrid will work to require transparency and shed light on the bills that are being passed. 

  • End the legislative exemption from the open meeting and open records law

  • Prohibit the bundling of budget amendments

  • Prohibit closed door negotiations on the budget

  • Require the state budget be published 24 hours before the final vote so people have a chance to comment on it

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