Centurion Opposes Defunding Police

Sudbury, MA - Today Ingrid Centurion(R-Sudbury), candidate for State Representative in the 13th Middlesex District, announced her opposition to defunding the police.

“I am horrified by the death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer. That officer is and must be held accountable for his actions by our justice system. However, I don’t believe that all police are racists. I am opposed to defunding our police,” said Centurion, who is multi-cultural.

The incumbent has remained silent regarding law enforcement. Centurion believes that the incumbent owes it to the citizens of the district to clearly state his position on whether or not police should be funded.

“We need leadership from our State Representative not silence. Being multicultural, I believe that I can provide the calming leadership needed at this time. I will be able to bring people together,” said Centurion. “As a mother, I want my children to be able to grow up in a peaceful society where everyone is treated equally. But, that doesn’t mean getting rid of the police force that keeps us safe.”

“As the next State Representative, I will be a uniter not a divider,” said Centurion.

Background on Ingrid Centurion

Ingrid Centurion is an American citizen, devoted mother, United State Army veteran, combat pilot and small business owner.

At an early age, Ingrid learned about tragedy.  After her father immigrated from Argentina, her parents were in a horrific car crash and he died and her mother was severely injured. Ingrid was just 2 years old. Ingrid understands the challenges of being raised by a single parent who had to work multiple jobs to keep the family together and food on the table.   

Ingrid was an exceptional athlete and received an Army ROTC three year scholarship to Arizona State University.  Always driven with a purpose, Ingrid amazingly became a private pilot at 17 years old.   She served honorably in the U.S. Army for twenty-two years, she is an Iraq War combat pilot.  She served along the South Western border protecting our borders against transnational threats.  She has extensive military intelligence and national security experience working with law enforcement agencies.   

In the private sector, she has worked as a Product Manager, Corporate Trainer and Speaker.  She now owns a small business in Sudbury where she is raising her two boys and cares for her elderly mother.

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