Democrats prioritize climate change over small business owners future!

BREAKING… Last night, the Democratic state Senate leadership released the controversial and opaque climate change bill after 10:00 p.m. and demanded a roll call vote on it today. Instead of trying to fix the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) tax on small businesses, which comes due on March 15, the Senate Democrats prioritized advancing climate change legislation. The Senate Republicans responded by shutting down the senate legislative session today, and any debate on the climate bill, until the PPP tax gets fixed first.

Senators Bruce Tarr (R-Gloucester), Ryan Fattman (R-Sutton) and Patrick O’Connor (R-Weymouth) stood up for transparency and our state’s small businesses today. The Senate Democratic leadership have no one to blame but themselves.

Despite climate change alarmists' loudest warning, the world will not end on Monday-- but for many small businesses, the state will impose a 5% income tax on their forgivable PPP loan because the leadership of the Massachusetts legislature failed them. At some point, the opaque maneuvering has to come to an end and we hope today’s actions serve as a wake-up call to the Democratic leadership in the legislature.

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