Do what you can to support Veterans? #SixFive Join us!!!

Vest Up 4 the Fallen - #SixFive Saturday, May 29 at 11:59p.m thru

Monday May 31, 2021 Memorial Day Vest Up 4 the Fallen - #SixFive is 50% SOLD OUT!!!


This Event is a limited registration event. Once it is SOLD OUT there will not be another way to take part in this event. The Question is DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES to complete 65 miles from Boston 2 Bourne that pays tribute Memorial Day weekend into Memorial Day honoring, remembering and respecting all U.S Armed Force members who paid the Ultimate Sacrifice in service to our nation since the American Revolutionary War.

We have three registration types:

The Full 65 Miles with the group in Boston, the virtual event or the "Do What You can Miles".

For the 65 mile event in Boston you register for just that.

For the virtual event, you map out a 65 mile course and do it Memorial Day Weekend. We do ask that you take photos, keep track of your miles and the route you did.

Last The "Do What You can Miles" This registration is $35.00 and for people who want to join the team and walk what miles they can do but might not be able to do all 65 miles.

Please Note: for Do What You can Miles YOU WILL NEED someone (family, friend etc) in a vehicle to follow you from your start to finish as your personal support vehicle for you only know your body and how many miles you can do at any given time.

Event Details:

Note: You are responsible for a Ride to drop you off at the start and pick you up at the end.

Start Location: Boston Common; Robert Gould Shaw and the 54th Regiment Memorial, Boston, MA

Start Date & Time: 11:59 p.m Saturday, May 29, 2020

Step Off Time: Sunday May 30 @ 12:30a.m

Ending Date: Memorial Day Monday May 31 2021

Ending Time: Between Morning - Early Afternoon

Ending Location: Massachusetts National Cemetery, Connery Ave, Buzzards Bay, MA 02542

The team will gather at 11:59p.m Saturday May 29, 2021 @ the Boston Common near the Robert Gould Shaw and the 54th Regiment Memorial statue, Boston, MA 02108.

We will step off at ruffly 12:30 a.m Sunday, May 30, 2021and walk through the Memorial Green where 37,000 flags are placed to honor the Massachusetts service members who died in service to our nation.

The team is to complete the mission and get to the Massachusetts National Cemetery, Connery Ave, Buzzards Bay, MA 02542- early morning/mid morning on Memorial Day, Monday May 31, 2021

Why do we wear a Vest?

A Vest is a necessity in the military, as it provides increase levels of protection for service members, saves lives, and helps fellow service members secure and rescue a wounded or mortally wound service member, dragging them by their vest to safety in an emergency.

By wearing a weighted vest you are keeping their memory alive and letting their loved ones know that you will never forget that sacrifice and the weight their loved ones carry in their heart is heavy, the sorrow is deep and their grief does not have a cure; for its forever!

Can I Wear a Ruck?

We encourage those who want to participate to wear a vest because of what it represents but we will not condemn anyone for wanting to were a ruck.

Now Ask Yourself, Do You Have What it Takes- It time for YOU to Dig Deep, continue forward and carry them beyond their finish line, its time for you to VEST UP 4 the FALLEN!!

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